The goal of this project is to collect the most complete database of population dynamics and statistics of its cultural characteristics - ethnicity, religion and mother tongue - in Eastern European and a number of other countries.

The site is intended to become a kind of reference book for researchers, geographers, sociologists, historians, travelers, journalists and all connoisseurs of cultural diversity. And for many of them it already has become such one.

Of particular value is that the site not only collects in one place the most relevant data for a number of countries, but also provides extensive and detailed data on historical population censuses that have not been digitized before and therefore are unique to the internet.

Thus, it also carries out an educational function, which is so necessary for preserving the historical memory and preventing the potential erasure of the history of certain communities for the sake of current political agenda in corresponding countries.

Of course, the site continuousy yearns for further development and expansion. There is always plenty of historical data for digitization which will demand years of working on. The constant updating of modern data requires significant efforts and time as well.

Nevertheless, such work of various scales is constantly being carried out for various countries, even though updates do not occur as often as many users would like.

Pop-stat had been a completely volunteer project for years, but now demands the support of all grateful and not indifferent users. The greater will be your support, the faster and larger will be the further development of the site.

It is especially important to subscribe on a regular basis. A sufficient number of regular donations will help to turn the expansion of the project into a full-fledged activity and plan work on it for months and years ahead.

More detailed information about the ways and models of donation is available on a separate page.

You can also prioritize specific historical data digitization efforts for special donations. A list of such large-scale datasets is available on a separate page.

If you have the opportunity to spread information about Pop-stat to your audience (friends, colleagues in your organization, the media), please do so! This really can greatly help our common cause.

If you have exclusive data that is the subject of interest of the project - in digitized, scanned or book form - please email about it:)

If you want to offer other organizational or creative support to the project, both fundamental or minor (from correcting English language explanations, including this page, to improving the design of the site, including this page), both paid and gratuitous, you also can email about it.

If you notice any errors, inaccuracies, confusions, typos, design bugs, etc. on the site, please report it by email. This information will be checked and corrections made if necessary.

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